Member of Congress District 24

John M. Katko

John M. Katko (Republican, Conservative, Independence, Reform)

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The candidate has not yet completed NYFRF's 2018 candidate questionnaire.

John M. Katko:

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Phone: (315) 314-5005

John M. Katko:


At an August 2018 forum, the candidate said: "'I've met with people who are very much for the Medicare for all. I've been learning from them and they've been learning from me. But there's some long-term concerns I have about it that have not been answered.'"

John M. Katko:


The candidate has stated that he will support repeal of the Affordable Care Act only if a viable replacement is offered. The candidate voted for repeal legislation in 2015, but voted against the American Health Care Act of 2017.

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