NY Senate District 39

James G. Skoufis

James G. Skoufis (Democrat, Working Families, Serve America Movement)

James G. Skoufis:

Candidate's Website: https://www.skoufisforny.com/

James G. Skoufis:


We have not received a response from this candidate yet for this question.

James G. Skoufis:


In November 2019, the candidate made the following remarks: "'My position on the New York Health Act has remained consistent since last year’s campaign... I fundamentally believe that we need to move to universal health care in New York state to ensure everyone has affordable access.'" "'That being said, timing is everything, as is often the case... A single-payer model is simply not feasible unless and until we receive the federal waivers necessary to repurpose the tens of billions of dollars our state receives in Medicaid funding. Unfortunately, the current federal administration will not issue such a waiver.'"

James G. Skoufis:


The candidate supports the legalization of physician-assisted suicide; however, in August 2019, the candidate stated that a physician-assisted suicide bill that was pending in the New York State Legislature did not meet with his approval.